We get a lot of questions each year, we’ll try to compile the answers here for your reference.

What’s the purpose of PugFest?  PugFest is an all-volunteer 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.  Our mission includes educating about the importance of dog rescue and supporting Pug Rescue organizations across the country.  Profits from the event and donations made by our kind donors support participating Pug Rescue organizations.

When is PugFest?  May 20/21, 2023.  Planned dates for 2024 are May 18/19 and for 2025 are May 16/17.

What are the event hours?  9am-4pm eastern standard time.

What’s the weather like in May in Louisville?  Averages are 73°F to 80°F, rarely falling below 62°F or exceeding 88°F.

Who can come?  This is a family-friendly event, all ages of kind people are welcome (grumpy folks not admitted)!

How big is PugFest?  PugFest is currently in a space that’s about 40,000 square feet.  Thousands of people attend from all over the world and there are too many Pugs to count!

Can I only bring my dog if it’s a Pug?  All socialized and friendly dogs are welcome.  The great majority of dogs present will be Pugs, but we love all dogs.

Can my dog wear a costume?  Yes, it’s great fun!  We even have a costume contest if you want to make it official!

How much does it cost?  Tickets are $8 for adults, $4.00 for kids age 2-12, and free for under 2.

Is there food at the event?  Yes, the Exposition Center opens a food window for us in our event wing.  If other events are occurring on the grounds at the same time, other food venues may be available in other sections of the Exposition Center.

How do I register for a contest at the event?  Contest registration begins when the doors open.  We have limited spaces available for contestants, so we urge you to register as early as possible.  Our contests “sell out” quickly.

How often does PugFest happen?  Pugfest occurs in May each year.  It’s a two day event.

Does PugFest take place in other cities?  No, the official Bluegrass PugFest only takes place in Louisville, KY.

Can I bring an RV?  Yes, the Kentucky Exposition Center has accommodations available for RV parking on-premises.  Head to https://kyexpo.org/rv-reservation-request-form/ for more details.